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Scubapoxy 5335 Project Review

Swimming Centre

A section of the original expansion joint in the swimming pool that had deteriorated and needed to be replaced. A diver underwater in the swimming pool using a caulking gun to apply the new sealant into the expansion joints. A close up of the expansion joint being filled with fresh sealant from the nozzle of the caulking gun.

Project Summary

Client           Swimming Centre
Location Western Australia
Colour Standard (Mid-grey)
Area Unknown
Installer Fremantle Commercial Diving


  • The expansion joints of the 50-metre pool had deteriorated badly and needed re-sealing. The tiled construction also required some work to smooth sharp edges that had formed. An initial survey conducted on the areas determined the most cost-effective approach was to perform these repairs underwater using Scubapoxy 5335.

  • The perimeter joints were replaced along most of the Eastern side, all of the Northern and Western sides, and most of the Southern side. Two non-perimeter sections were also repaired.

  • The degraded joint material was manually removed and the joints cleaned. The divers then located any sharp tile edges and ground them down using diamond pads on an underwater grinder. Once the joints were prepared, the divers caulked new product into gaps and moulded to provide a neat finish.

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