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Scubapoxy 5335 Project Review

Hydro Tasmania

The polymer sheet with Scubapoxy 5335 being positioned onto one of the expansion joints in the flume. A photo of the empty flume from above with the installation crew inside applying the sealant system. Water flowing through the flume after it had been put back into operation following the work to seal the expansion joints.

Project Summary

Client           Hydro Tasmania
Location Lake Mackenzie, Tasmania
Colour Standard (Mid-grey)
Area 2700 lineal metres
Installer MRJ Industrial Services


  • Hydro Tasmania was searching for a product to seal 2,700 lineal metres of expansion joint in the Fisher Flume hydroelectricity channel. The main concern with such a vital artery was minimising shutdown, which meant they were after a sealant that could handle the unpredictable and often freezing conditions.

  • The process started with a water blast to clean the concrete surface that had been eroded away by the water flow. A mortar consisting of Scubapoxy 1715 and sand was then applied to either side of the joints before a polymer sheet impregnated with 5335 was rolled into place to complete the flexible seal.

  • The field-friendly, all-weather qualities of the products enabled the work to be completed on schedule, saving the company the large costs associated with waiting for the more favourable conditions needed by other systems.

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