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Why matted metallics are best

With the beautiful, glass-like finishes you can get with our Artepoxy resins, it may sound a bit surprising to hear us recommending the use of a matted PU topcoat on metallic and other decorative floors.

Here are just some of the reasons why using Ezypoly with our stir-in matting agent is the right move on these projects:

  • Better wear – Adding a PU over a decorative clear epoxy is all about protection from wear and tear. Ezypoly with matte gives the 1-2 punch of outstanding wear resistance and a more forgiving level of gloss to help hide those scratches and scuffs.

  • Less weathering – Along with wear, people don’t want their stunning decorative floor to fade or discolour. Simple as that. A matted coat of Ezypoly adds a layer of sunscreen for extra protection.

  • Easier application – Putting down a matted finish gives you much better application visibility than gloss on gloss, so there’s much less risk of getting dreaded missed spots in the final coat.

  • Better finish – At 100 microns or less, PU topcoats can’t hide dust and debris like thick epoxy coats. A matted finish conceals imperfections much better and can also improve metallic effects by reducing glare and allowing designs to show through more. Try it and see for yourself!

Have a think about a matted Ezypoly PU topcoat on your next decorative job and how the benefits above may be able to help achieve a better floor and a happier client.

A new metallic floor with a matted PU topcoat in a modern residential kitchen.

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