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The trick to white epoxy floors

The idea of a pristine, seamless white finish attracts many homeowners to resin flooring, however getting good results and a satisfied customer with plain white floors is a big challenge.

In our experience, the following three characteristics must be clearly explained to the client before going ahead:

  1. Visibility – High-gloss, plain white surfaces of any kind have an annoying habit of showing every little imperfection. Even if the surface is perfectly prepared, conditions are ideal, and every possible measure is taken to ensure nothing lands on the film, there are never any guarantees of a flawless finish.

  2. Maintenance – Along with imperfections, white epoxy floors also can be very difficult to keep clean as common household dust tends to be more visible and scuffing from footwear goes to another level. Our saying goes: “If you want a white floor, you’ve got to love cleaning because no dirt or dust is white!”

  3. Cost – Installing a white epoxy floor will generally require more coats and greater overall thickness to block out the concrete and ensure a smooth finish, which means a higher cost the client must accept.

In response to those issues, our approach to plain white finishes is to try to add something to "break up" the surface. For instance, adding a subtle metallic effect, using light grey instead, and/or applying a matted topcoat are good ways to create a far more forgiving floor with just as much impact.

For more detail, read the full post on white epoxy flooring here – A word on white residential epoxy flooring

A pristine white epoxy floor and contrasting black furniture in the living room of a Brisbane City apartment.

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