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What is concrete resurfacing?

Along with floor paint, the concrete overlays and micro-toppings that are popular on driveways and other outdoor areas tend to get lumped into the same category as resin flooring.

These actually belong to a family of concrete resurfacing products that differ to both resin flooring and floor paint in a few ways:

  • Technology – The coatings used are typically a blend of concrete and polymer. This means they behave more like concrete but can be applied thinner and in a range of decorative styles.

  • Application – Unlike resin flooring and floor paint, these finishes are usually sprayed (3-10mm thick) and can be stained or manipulated in other ways for decorative effect.

  • Performance – The performance of these products is usually somewhere in between resin flooring and floor paint. They don’t cope as well with wear or chemical exposure like resin flooring can, however they’re more durable than floor paint and are a good option in outdoor areas exposed to UV.

  • Cost – The decorative nature of these finishes and the specialised application sees square metre pricing fall closer to epoxy flooring cost rather than floor paint.

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An installer using spraying equipment to apply a decorative concrete resurfacing product onto a driveway.

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