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Safe products for drinking water

A selection of Real World Epoxies products have recently completed testing under the new potable water standard AS/NZS 4020:2018, and are now approved for use in contact with drinking water​.

Here’s a bit more info on what that means:

  • The standard requires products do not affect the taste or appearance of water, do not support the growth of microorganisms and do not release cytotoxic or hazardous compounds or metals.

  • Typical products tested include pipes, fittings, components, and materials used in coating, protection, lining, jointing, sealing and lubrication in the water supply and plumbing industry.

  • While most water authorities will require this type of certification, it’s also a great feature for any sensitive project wanting proof the coatings being used are as safe as possible.

  • The Jaxxon and Scubapoxy products have been used in the water, wastewater and marine industries for almost 20 years. Scubapoxy has developed a strong reputation with commercial divers for its diver-friendly use and market-leading performance in the toughest coating conditions of all.

You can view the test certificates and find out more on the potable water page of our website.

A picture showing a diver applying Scubapoxy in a tank and a list of the potable water approved products.

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