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Polished concrete example - retail floor


Revamping the old Gold Coast bus terminal floor was all about simplicity. The existing concrete had tremendous character and all it needed was the right product to let it shine. The right product came in the form of a frosted polished concrete look, which provided the functional, easy-to-clean surface the developers wanted and honoured the history of the floor nicely.

A photo of the outside of the urban village that had the polished concrete flooring installed. The polished concrete floor was used in the long corridors of the retail outlet. A close up of the polished concrete floor showing how epoxy resin is used to create the polished concrete look. A low-angle shot showing the semi-gloss finish that was achieved on the polished concrete look for this floor.

Client - The 4217
Location - Surfers Paradise, QLD
Floor Type - Urban Village (Retail and Commercial)

Design Scope -

  1. With the existing concrete having tremendous history and character, a clear flooring system was selected to draw this out further and provide a good fit for the trendy vibe of the new urban village.
  2. A semi-gloss finish was chosen to enhance the natural lighting in the area without increasing maintenance demands.
  3. While the right look was a priority, the client also needed a durable, easy-to-clean floor to replace the original green carpet.
Notes -
  • Every effort was made during preparation to preserve the condition of the concrete. All the stains, patch materials, cracks and other imperfections were kept to add an extra, rustic dimension to the floor.

Customer Feedback -

"The service was personal and polite from all employees and the willingness to be flexible across schedules and scope of works was great."
- Brendan Guest, The 4217

Customer Score -

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