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How to get industrial flooring that lasts

When suppliers talk about product performance in tough conditions, they’re usually talking about laboratory tests conducted on perfect samples in controlled conditions. Getting the same results in the field, however, isn’t so easy!

Here are a few simple tips to help the industrial flooring projects you put complete last as long as possible:

  1. Get mixing right – Use full kits where possible to ensure mix ratios are spot on. If splitting, measure with calibrated jugs/buckets. Mix thoroughly with a good blade and scrape sides to avoid poorly mixed product.

  2. Aim for full cure – Allow the film to fully harden before returning to service if possible. For particularly harsh conditions, applying heat can increase crosslinking and improve performance. Don’t use accelerators in the topcoat as they can leave unreacted Part B in the film.

  3. Full coverage is a must – Get the floor flat during preparation to avoid edges, peaks or ridges poking through the film, and use two coats as a minimum to help prevent pinholes, holidays etc.

  4. Work with a proven industrial supplier – Our Jaxxon industrial coatings are proven in the toughest conditions, including defence, mining, wastewater and chemical processing projects.

For a full discussion on the keys to industrial flooring, take a look at our information page – How long does industrial epoxy flooring last?

Three photos placed side by side showing Jaxxon coatings being used on industrial epoxy flooring projects.

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