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Can you do car parks?

Car parks are often seen as attractive because of the large areas involved and we get asked on a regular basis if our products can be used.

While our coatings are well-suited to the service demands of these projects, there a few things that need to be considered in order to win this type of work:

  • Car parks are typically a bottom-price game done with cheaper coatings that are applied thinner and wear faster than our style of coatings. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because the clients are committed to fixed costs of mechanical preparation and application labour regardless, so getting good “bang for buck” with the coating should be the goal.

  • For example, a popular brand promotes Taber abrasion results of around 150mg, whereas Ezypoxy Rollcoat is about 80mg. For a two-coat system, we would typically specify 2 x 200 microns of Ezypoxy Rollcoat, whereas a typical car park coating would more likely be put down at 2 x 125 microns.

  • Side-by-side, our system would be a touch more expensive when added to the fixed costs but, most importantly, would last up to 3 times longer. Same prep, same labour, same consumables. That’s what we mean by bang for buck!

To sum up, our coatings are a great option for car parks if the client can see the difference between a good price and something that lasts. If they have the normal car park mentality, then you’ll be better off quoting with something else.

Real World Epoxies coatings used on a multi-story inner-city car park in Brisbane.

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