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Inspiration, ideas and tips to help installers and specifiers to create beautiful epoxy flooring, and keep up to date with epoxy flooring news.

Designer epoxy flooring

The term designer flooring is tossed around often in the industry, but the actual meaning has been lost somewhere along the way. What is designer flooring? What does it involve?

Metallic epoxy floor example - games room

The carpet in the games room of David’s home had suffered water damage and signs of mould were appearing. With the moisture issues and all sorts of mess created by the kids, he wanted a metallic epoxy floor that worked in this environment.

Why case histories are a must-read

Three reasons why case histories are a must-read for any homeowner, business owner, builder, designer or architect looking to get a new resin floor.

Resin floor cleaning tips

If you’re wondering how to keep your new resin floor looking good and performing well, here are a few tips.

Metallic epoxy flooring examples - restaurants and bars

If you're looking for inspiration with your metallic epoxy flooring project, you can view a selection of our past projects in restaurants and bars here.

A word on resin flooring warranties

Warranties can be a bit of a grey area for all types of goods and services. From a resin flooring perspective, perhaps the most important thing you need to know is there are two different types.

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