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Understanding Moisture Measurements

By Jack Josephsen

One of the main reasons for attending the World of Concrete 2020 was to compile more information on moisture measurements in concrete slabs. In particular at the time of site assessment.  This topic is proving to be far more complex than anticipated.

In addition to shooting the first video, I thought it was worth adding some additional thoughts in a second video, which as can be seen below as well.

Video Transcription:

One of the things I wanted to get out of this particular trip was to try to focus in on how can we understand moisture measurement at the time of site assessment and at the time of quoting.

What tools are available? What techniques are available or protocols for testing are available that can give us accurate results at the time of quoting so that we know what we're in for once we take on this job?

This is, of course, a critical part of making resin flooring mainstream.

We have to understand moisture otherwise, it just leads to failures later on.

Now, I could say after having spent 4 days at this show. I've talked to many people and seen all sorts of equipment. The problem is centered around that we can't get an accurate moisture measurement in the first 24-hour period.

Some of the testing standards are, in fact, longer than that.

The second aspect is that it'll require a second trip back to the site. That's just not feasible for many of the projects that we do because of the sheer scale of it or the fact that you have to travel to do it.

That's the problem that I'm seeing more and more of. I'm not sure what the answers are right now. But that's what I'm here to find out.

As always, I'm Resin Jack. Take care, and keep smiling.

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