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How Time Off Can Boost Your Epoxy Flooring Business!

By Jack Josephsen

I recently took my first break for a long time and I must say it put a few things into perspective.

We work in an industry where it’s customary to take the work whenever and however it comes, putting in long, strange hours and even giving up our weekends to get it done. As epoxy flooring business owners, it’s fair to say we bury ourselves in our job - to the point where we feel guilty if we’re NOT working!

A key to boosting your epoxy business

I decided to write this article as I relaxed on the couch during my break and thought about all the business owners I’ve met over the years that didn’t take any time off at all. What impact would it have on them in the long run? Was that level of output sustainable? Did it actually help them “get ahead” or did it hold them back in some way? It may sound ridiculous to some, but once again I came to the conclusion that taking time off really is a key to making more money in your epoxy business.

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How time off makes money

The way I see it, taking time off can you boost your epoxy flooring business by allowing you to:

  • Relax the mind. A relaxed mind makes fewer mistakes and that alone will save money! A relaxed mind has better planning ability and far more creativity, which is a big part of how you make money. A relaxed mind also stresses less, which allows you to think about the “right” things and not get bogged down with the small stuff that doesn’t matter.

  • Let the body recover. The human body is a phenomenal bit of gear. You can punish it in all sorts of ways, yet it still bounces back if you give it enough time. Unfortunately most of us don’t and that’s when we strike trouble. Not only does a worn-out business owner work less efficiently day to day, they also run the risk of a catastrophic breakdown sooner or later. As a business owner, you’ve got to acknowledge your health is your number one asset - if you can’t keep working the whole show stops!

  • Get your equipment serviced. When you’re busy you can easily forget about the maintenance that stops your equipment from packing it in when you least want it to. Surface preparation gear is probably the main concern here because it’s a mind-numbing task and you tend to focus on chopping down the trees rather than sharpening the axe, so to speak. Your vehicle also sits in this category. It not only gets you from A to B, it’s often your travelling showroom as well and what people judge you on first. Make sure it’s running well and representing your business in the right way!

  • Think about your future. Go see a financial planner or your bank manager and see if you can sharpen things up there. Also, look ahead and think about what your epoxy business might look like in the future. Where do you want to take it, and how can you start moving in that direction? When would you like to get off the tools? Can you continue to make money if you’re no longer working?

  • Think about other elements of your epoxy flooring business. Obviously your employees are a key part of this process. How can you give your employees time off as well so that they can recover and be at their best for your business?

  • Spend time with the people that matter most to you. It is why we work, after all! Let them motivate and re-energise you and clarify exactly why you’re out there working your butt off.

If you look at the list above, I’m sure even the biggest workaholics among us could appreciate the benefits of taking time off and how it can help you make money. The hard part is, I believe, having the courage to take your nose away from the grindstone and give it a try. As a wise man once said to me, “there’s a time to work and a time to play. Don't mix them up!”

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