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Epoxy Manufacturers, Re-Sellers and Private Labelling

By Jack Josephsen

Most people will tell you that dealing directly with the original coating manufacturer is a good thing, but why is that so? Not only that, why do they make it sound like an almost impossible task?

The reasons may have something to do with questions like these: Have you ever noticed how two separate products, apparently developed and made by different companies, appear to be exactly the same? Have you ever wondered why some suppliers struggle to provide answers to straightforward questions on THEIR coatings?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions before and thought you were going crazy, maybe you shouldn't commit yourself just yet!

Re-sellers and private labelling

I came across a short discussion published on the website of a company called Ecocrete Coatings a little while ago that might explain why you’re asking these questions and how it all ties back to the original coating manufacturer issue:

Did you know...that many of the decorative concrete and concrete coatings products you buy are not actually developed or produced by the companies selling them, the ones who call themselves manufacturers?

Believe it or not, many ‘manufacturers’ are just re-sellers, buying the same products as many other re-sellers from the same (real) manufacturers who private label them. Only their label is different.

So how can these manufacturers/re-sellers control the quality of their products if they don't actually formulate, blend and package them? Obviously they can't because they can't control the manufacturing process...

Since these manufacturers/re-sellers don't manufacture their own products, how are they going to find proper answers to your project questions? They'll make an attempt to provide you with answers, but they don't fully understand the products they sell. They'll often hire contractors who have field experience to help them provide the answers. But here's the reality: very rarely do any of them know the science or chemistry making these products or how they react over time with other products.

What manufacturers can offer

With the practice of private labelling and potential drawbacks highlighted, the author moves on to the benefits of dealing directly with the genuine epoxy flooring manufacturers:

From raw materials through manufacturing and all the way to finished goods, we (the real manufacturers) not only know the chemistry and science behind our products, but understand the evolution of our industry and your needs. We manufacture all the products we sell, we know what's in them and how they react with other products and processes. With this knowledge, we can find the proper solution to meet your project needs.

A can of paint with a question mark on the front, indicating the contents inside are unknown.

What does it mean?

Admittedly that paints a rather dark and gloomy picture for private labelling, and it must be said that you’re obviously not going to encounter these problems with every re-seller. What I believe the discussion was trying to get across was the fact that no one knows a product better than the true manufacturer and there are some real benefits that come with that knowledge. So, if that’s important to you then you should make sure you’re indeed working with the manufacturer and not just a re-seller.

How? Well, the best way is to simply ask. Don't be satisfied with labels or promotional material, go straight to the manager and ask if the product you're buying is really manufactured by their company. Only the real coating manufacturers will be able to say yes and give you the full depth of product support spoken about above.

How you can take action...

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