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Resin Marble™ - Decorative Interior Epoxy Flooring

Resin Marble™ is a decorative, high-gloss, metallic epoxy finish designed for homes, businesses and other interior floors wanting a stylish, wall-to-wall marble look.


Resin Marble™ is a stylish metallic floor finish specially designed for homes, businesses and other interior floors wanting a marble look, but without the unsightly grout lines.

Available in 15 stunning colours, the completely seamless interior epoxy flooring system is tough, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean, and will remain a real feature for years.

Most importantly, Resin Marble™ has no strong smell and contains no solvents or flammables, so it can be installed safely without risk or disruption to your family or business.

Diagram showing the composition of the Resin Marble interior epoxy flooring system.

Exceptional interior epoxy flooring


Resin Marble™ is a completely solvent-free interior epoxy flooring system, which means there's no strong smell, disruption or risk to your family or business!


Resin Marble™ uses exclusive industrial-grade resin technology, so it's not the type of interior flooring you'll find at a local hardware store (or anywhere else).


Too many colour options can be overwhelming. We’ve narrowed it down to a range that covers all popular interior flooring tastes - from the classic soft and subtle, through to the bold and flamboyant.


The seamless, stain-resistant surface handles spills from all common household and commercial chemicals, and is easily maintained with normal cleaning equipment.


The Resin Marble™ interior epoxy flooring system offers a high-end, glossy finish as standard. A specialist topcoat can be added to provide your choice of a matte or non-slip finish, as well as extra UV protection.

A table tennis set sitting on top of a metallic interior epoxy floor in a garage.

For all types of interior epoxy flooring...

The stunning marble design and excellent durability of the Resin Marble™ metallic epoxy flooring system makes it a great choice for all types of interior epoxy flooring applications:

Garages Bedrooms
Kitchens and living rooms Bathrooms and laundries
Shops, retail spaces and retail outlets Salons and hairdressers
Showrooms and display areas Bakeries, restaurants and cafés
Hotels, bars and nightclubs Offices and walkways

Interior epoxy flooring installation plan

The installation of the standard Resin Marble™ system over an interior floor area of 50m2 or less will take two days, with light foot traffic allowed on the third.

Removal of existing floors, severe surface damage or contamination, poor concrete quality, and/or larger areas will generally require more time.

Installation of the standard Resin Marble™ system typically consists of the following steps:

1. Diamond grind to remove surface contaminants.
2. Vacuum to collect dust, dirt and debris.
3. Patch small cracks and gouges.
4. Apply basecoat - Ezypoxy Rollcoat with Solid Pigment.
5. Apply topcoat - Artepoxy Liquid Marble with Metallic Pigment.
6. Tidy up and hand over floor.

A simple schematic showing the day-by-day installation schedule of the interior epoxy flooring system.

Preparing for interior flooring installation

1. Plan to be floorless

A standard Resin Marble™ interior epoxy floor will take a few days and you’ll need to stay off the floor the entire time. Keep protective measures in place for the duration and don’t try to get back on it earlier than instructed.

2. Clear the floor

Remove all items from the floor before the starting date so the installer can get straight to work. If there are heavy items that can’t be moved, let them know beforehand.

3. Ensure easy access

Make sure the installer can get in and out of the work area and has access to power. If there are any restrictions in this regard, once again it’s a good idea to let them know beforehand.

4. Seal off

Footprints, bugs and dust don’t go well with freshly laid interior epoxy floors. Close all windows, turn off lights and block doorways. If the floor is one part of a larger project, it’s best to leave it to last to reduce the risk of other trades damaging it.

5. Make yourself available

Checking in with your installer every now and again will make sure everyone stays on the same page and the interior epoxy flooring project progresses as smoothly as possible.

A metallic interior epoxy floor in a living room with beautiful wooden furniture on top.

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