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How to maintain decorative epoxy flooring

The following guide contains instructions for maintaining decorative epoxy flooring systems
manufactured by Real World Epoxies - Resin Marble™ and Resin Rustic™

Caring for your floor

A nice, clean Resin Marble floor in a new gym and fitness centre.
  1. After installation, all traffic and furniture should be kept off the floor for at least 24 hours to allow it to reach sufficient initial hardness. The floor will continue to harden for up to seven days, so the longer you can keep traffic and loads off, the better.

  2. When moving furniture or other heavy objects, be sure to lift and not drag them across the floor. It may be practical to lay down some protective floor covering and timber sheeting to prevent damage.

  3. During the first seven days, take care to keep liquids and chemicals off the floor while it develops full stain resistance.

  4. In order to prevent indentations, provide glass, plastic or other non-staining, flat floor protectors not less than 50mm in width underneath the legs of heavy furniture and appliances. Fit broad, 50mm diameter (minimum) castor wheels to any office chairs or equipment that needs to be mobile. Remove any small diameter buttons on the bottom of chairs and install 25mm (minimum) felt or other non-scuffing pads.

  5. Protect the floor against heat sources and burns from cigarettes, matches or any other extremely hot surfaces.

  6. Protect your floor from tracked in dirt and grit by using non-staining mats outside all entrances. Take time to remove embedded dirt and grit from the bottom of shoes before entering the room. Be careful as some rubber or latex-backed mats can cause stains.

  7. Resin Marble™ and Resin Rustic™ have good stain resistance and will not be affected by most household and commercial chemicals, however any spills should be cleaned up immediately and not be allowed to dry out on the floor. Good housekeeping practices, including dilution and quick clean-up, will minimise chemical damage.

  8. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods as it can cause floor discolouration. Tint windows if possible and use blinds, curtains or drapes to prevent sunlight hitting the floor during peak sunlight hours.

  9. Do not use any other cleaning products apart from streak-free, pH neutral detergents. Dry, flat dust mops and wet flat mops are the most effective way to clean Resin Marble™ and Resin Rustic™.

Ongoing maintenance of your decorative flooring

A floor is one of the most heavily used of all surfaces, yet they are rarely maintained to the standard required.

A good maintenance program will not only keep the area looking good, but also give the floor the best possible chance of performing as expected over a long life.

There are some basic good practices that can be followed by the owner to help prolong the life and aesthetics of decorative floor finishes such as Resin Marble™ and Resin Rustic™.

Good practices include:

  • Sweep and mop floors on a regular basis. Regular cleaning will provide continued inspection to help detect and repair damage as soon as possible.

  • Decorative floors are best swept with flat dust mops. Wet mopping can be done with flat mops and the use of a pH neutral cleaner. For extra attention, a microfibre cloth can be used to gently remove scuff marks as they occur.

  • Prepare a clean-up procedure to ensure exposure to spills is kept to a minimum. Decorative floors should be kept as dry as possible for the maintenance of the floor and safety of its users.

  • Have any damage repaired as soon as possible.

  • As already noted, when moving equipment or furniture be sure to lift and not drag these items to prevent scratching. Decorative floors are susceptible to scuff and tyre marks, so be careful with the traffic allowed on these surfaces.

  • Periodically rejuvenating glossy decorative floors every six months with sacrificial polishes will keep the floor looking good by removing scuff marks and fine scratches, while restoring lustre. This type of maintenance is highly recommended for high-gloss floors in retail environments. An example polish program is included at the end of these notes.

Of course there are some bad practices to avoid:

  • Don’t use vacuum cleaners without brush attachment as they may scuff the surface.

  • Don’t use steam cleaners or boiling water as this may temporarily soften the floor. It is generally not necessary to clean with water above 60oC.

  • Don’t wear footwear with metal tips or nails underneath, e.g. golf shoes.

  • If the floor is to handle vehicular traffic, use tyres that don’t mark or can have their marks removed. Drive carefully and avoid spinning wheels etc. 

Polishing your Epoxy Floors - Example Polish Program

The following is an example of a suitable polish program for Resin Marble™ and Resin Rustic™. For more information, visit:

Polish application

  1. If floor is dirty, clean using “Supastar” at 1:25 dilution with fresh water. For heavily soiled floors, replace the water once it appears dirty or you’ll end up pushing dirty water around. Once completed, rinse with water and allow to dry.

  2. Choose desired finish - gloss or satin.

  3. Apply at 50m2/L (minimum three coats). Wet flat mop with water, wring out and apply enough polish to wet the mop without dripping. Drizzle a thin line of polish on the floor and use a “figure 8” pattern over the pour line to spread. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes before applying next coat if conditions are dry and warm (longer if cool and humid). Apply subsequent coats in perpendicular direction.

Weekly maintenance

To perform a basic weekly polish maintenance regime, perform the following:

  1. Dust mop to remove dust, dirt and particles that could scratch the floor.

  2. Clean using “Supastar” as described previously.

  3. Apply “Shiner” from a trigger spray bottle and use a “swing” polisher at slow speed with red buffing pads.

Polish rejuvenation

Polish rejuvenation is recommended after three months in a commercial environment, or six months in a domestic, if weekly maintenance isn’t performed.

  1. Lightly cut back using “Supastar” at 1:25 dilution with fresh water and blue buffing pads (autoscrub or machine scrub). Make sure you apply enough solution to stop the floor drying out while scrubbing.

  2. Damp mop rinse with cold water to remove slurry and allow the floor to dry thoroughly.

  3. Burnish with brown buffing pad, then dust mop.

Polish stripping

Completely removing the polish may be necessary from time to time, e.g. for repairs.

  1. Liberally apply “Sledgehammer” at 1:4 dilution with fresh water using a cotton or fringe mop.

  2. Allow it to sit for up to 10 minutes for greater penetration. Re-apply if it looks like drying out too quickly.

  3. Push the mop forcefully to dislodge the existing finish, paying particular attention to the edges. Wring out mop and sealer build-up into a stripping solution bucket.

  4. Dust mop then dry burnish the floor with a brown buffing pad.

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