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Scubapoxy 5335 Project Review

Queensland Magnesia

A section of damaged expansion joint in the cooling bath after it had been cleaned out and prepared for re-sealing. A section of the repaired expansion joint in the cooling bath showing how the sealant was used on the walls as well. A close up of the repaired expansion joint showing the flexible sealant applied onto the primed edges.

Project Summary

Client           Queensland Magnesia
Location Rockhampton, Queensland
Colour Standard (Mid-grey)
Area Unknown
Installer The Epoxy Coating Specialists


  • The Epoxy Coating Specialists carried out this application using Scubapoxy 5335 to bridge expansion joints in Queensland Magnesia’s (QMAG) Rotary Cooling Bath.

  • Surface preparation consisted of removing significant debris and sludge from the joint areas on the base of the bath structure through high-pressure hot water rotary cleaning. Kevlar®-reinforced Jaxxon 1525 was used as a chemically resistant, heavy-duty basecoat/primer to ensure optimum sealing of the joint area and form an ideal platform on which to apply Scubapoxy 5335.

  • The Epoxy Coating Specialists reported the joint repairs had performed to expectations.

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