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Jaxxon Gallery

A selection of projects that used Jaxxon - epoxy floor coatings for commercial and industrial projects requiring high moisture tolerance and/or chemical resistance.

Jaxxon industrial coatings used to level and cove flooring on Navy vessel. One of the Royal Australian Navy ships that have had Jaxxon industrial coatings installed onboard. A commercial kitchen used Jaxxon industrial coatings for a durable non-slip flooring solution. A food processing facility with trolleys on top of Jaxxon industrial coatings. A piece of equipment sits on top of a newly applied Jaxxon floor coating in a commercial kitchen. Jaxxon industrial coatings were used to line the surface of this swimming pool, including the black lane markings. An installer applying Jaxxon coatings in a room full of pipes and fixtures on a Navy vessel. A set of steps in a train station that used Jaxxon industrial coatings on the treads and nosing. An overseas mine used Jaxxon industrial coatings to repair the loading zone where trucks receive the mined material. A low-angle shot of a floor in a commercial kitchen showing the texture of the non-slip finish. A room in a commercial kitchen that used Jaxxon industrial coatings on the floor and around the drains. A train waiting to enter a workshop where the Jaxxon industrial coatings were used to create a durable, non-slip floor. Jaxxon industrial coatings in service in a loading zone at a chemical processing facility. An empty factory warehouse after Jaxxon industrial coatings had been applied in a custom orange colour. Cleaning of an industrial floor in a chemical processing facility that used Jaxxon floor coatings. A large tyre dealership installed reinforced Jaxxon industrial coatings to provide extra impact resistance for their floor. A light blue, non-slip industrial floor that used Jaxxon coatings in a food processing facility. Jaxxon industrial coatings used to protect the floor around processing equipment from aggressive chemicals. A chemical bund protected with high-chemical resistance Jaxxon coatings. An acid bund on the outside of a chemical processing facility used Jaxxon coatings to protect the concrete. A bakery being returned to service after installing a non-slip floor that used Jaxxon coatings. A low-angle shot in a food processing plant showing the texture of the non-slip industrial flooring system created with Jaxxon. A hallway in an abattoir that used Jaxxon coatings to provide a durable, non-slip flooring surface in a signal red colour. A boat sits on top of a Jaxxon industrial floor coating in a storage warehouse.

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