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Tips for avoiding delays on your resin floor

You may have already downloaded the free Resin Flooring Guide below to help prepare for your flooring project, however there’s a few finer points we’d like to make about the planning stage.

Specifically, here are some additional tips to help avoid delays on your resin flooring project:

  1. Follow up on enquiries – It’s never a good idea to assume that forms, emails, texts or messages have been seen. If you don’t hear back within 24 hours, follow up and make sure they’re onto it.

  2. Keep track of contacts – The quoting process can be very confusing with the sheer number of businesses contacted. We’ve seen many projects stall because wires were crossed or names mixed up, so make sure you keep a clear record of who you contact and when.

  3. Good installers can be busy – Receiving a quote doesn’t automatically mean work can start immediately. Good installers can be booked out for a couple of months, so it pays to be early with your enquiry rather than last-minute.

  4. Variations and delays can still happen – Installation for most projects will run to the schedule, however changes can and do happen. Removal of existing floors, structural or contamination issues, and even larger areas can present complex challenges that may take longer to resolve.

For more information on planning your resin flooring project, including typical installation timelines, download our system brochures off the website or give us a call on 1300 EPOXIES.

A team of resin flooring installers planning the surface preparation stage of a garage flooring project.

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