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The best precision broadcasting tool on the market

With the powerful SmarterCast Pro already available to give installers greater speed and efficiency on their larger broadcast projects, there’s another tool we want to tell you about that can take care of the finer stuff.

Introducing SmarterCast Precision – the best precision broadcast tool on the market.

With no leads or air hoses, and easy connection to your battery-operated blower, this tool is ideal for the more delicate broadcasting jobs such as partial non-slip or flake on vertical surfaces.

We’re glad to say that SmarterCast Precision is also now in stock and available for purchase.

To find out more about this extremely clever resin flooring tool, click on our website link below or get in touch via the usual phone/email contacts.

Read more about SmarterCast Precision on the product page

The SmarterCast Precision broadcasting tool that works by connecting to a battery-operated blower.

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