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Metallic epoxy floor example - office floor


Situated in the middle of a small business complex among identical commercial buildings, Lennox Computer wanted to add an upmarket edge to their premises to stand out from the rest. The clean, uncovered concrete slab inside was the perfect canvas and the high-gloss, two-tone metallic epoxy floor the perfect way to help them make a lasting impression on their visitors.

The small business workshop and uncovered concrete before the metallic epoxy floor was installed.Small business office and workshop after the metallic epoxy floor was installed.The glare from the front window of the small commercial office and warehouse showing the high-gloss finish of the metallic epoxy floor.The entire downstairs area of the commercial office was covered with the beautiful metallic epoxy floor.

Client - Lennox Computer
Location - Banyo, QLD
Floor Type - Offices (Commercial)

Design Scope -

  1. Inspired by a previous custom metallic epoxy floor, the client adjusted the colours to suit their style and achieve the goal of adding a distinctive upmarket edge to their commercial premises in the small business complex.
  2. To help get the desired look, a full-gloss finish was chosen and existing joints in the concrete were filled for a completely seamless finish.
  3. While visual appeal was the priority, the client also needed a durable, easy-to-clean floor with the 100 square metre space to also be used as a storage area and workshop.
Notes -
  • With a clean, uncovered concrete slab forming the perfect flooring canvas, installation for the metallic epoxy floor was simplified tremendously.

    Customer Feedback -

    "On a scale of 1-10 we would give you and your team an 11. The most telling thing about our new floor is that everybody but everybody who walks into our office says 'Wow, what a floor.'"
    - Ailsa Lennox, Lennox Computer

    Customer Score - 10/10

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