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Do you know about Resin Flooring International?

We just wanted to quickly tell you about a resin flooring initiative you might be interested in.

It’s called Resin Flooring International and was created as an answer to the question: Where do you go to talk resin flooring?

This means REALLY talk, with other knowledgeable professionals who want to engage for the right reasons. 

We all know you can find bits and pieces scattered over the internet, but genuine value is much harder to find. Some experts come across as guarded and trying not to reveal too much, while others on social media make it look like it’s all too easy and they’ve got everything figured out.

Every business has problems they’d like solutions for, so where can epoxy flooring business people go for guidance on resin flooring and resin flooring only?

RFI is this place.

Click on the image below to check it out. As you’ll see, joining is free and only takes a minute.

A promotional image for Resin Flooring International showing the organisation's logo and inviting members of the resin flooring industry to join.

Take care and keep smiling,

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