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3 blind spots for resin flooring specifications

For a strong resin flooring specification that leads to a successful outcome, you need to work through the requirements of each project and choose the flooring system that matches these best.

While there are many elements that need to be considered to do this task thoroughly, some tend to get more attention than others. Here are 3 important ones that can often be overlooked:

  1. Function – What is the main goal of the new resin floor? Is it to repair damage, get a fresh look, improve safety or hygiene, protect against traffic? Be clear on your priorities as it will help put the focus where it needs to be.

  2. Shutdown – The shutdown period can have a major impact on which resin flooring systems is used. Are there any strict time restrictions with return to service, or a need to work outside of normal hours?

  3. Cleaning – How the floor will be cleaned and what impact may this have on your resin floor? Consider the frequency of cleaning, as well as the chemicals, water temperature and equipment used.

At Real World Epoxies, we have an exclusive 25-point Spec Check that we apply to resin flooring projects to make sure every angle is covered and the right flooring system is specified.

To see how it works on your project, please call 1300 EPOXIES or email info@realworldepoxies.com.

A clear resin floor in a commercial splace that was specified using a thorough resin flooring specification checklist.

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