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Garage Granite Installation Course

Garage Granite (also known as Resin Vinyl) is a one-of-a-kind garage floor finish specially designed for homeowners wanting to give their dull, dirty garages a new lease of life. 

In this course, we’re passing on our secrets to superb garage flooring so we can build a team of installers that is capable of delivering Garage Granite to the masses.

By following a real installation, carried out by a real installer, we show you everything from substrate assessment through to project completion. Best of all, you’ll see how to get exceptional results and happy customers just our other Garage Granite installers have consistently done over the last few years.

Course Summary

Task 1 - Site Inspection
Task 2
- Surface Preparation
Task 3
- Preparing for Work
Task 4
- Basecoat & Flake
Task 5
- Topcoat
Task 6
- Project Completion


$495 for the full course



By completing this online course you will gain a better understanding of:

  • Key factors of floor and sub-floor specification for a thin-film broadcast system.
  • The standard approach to surface preparation, including grinding, patching and sealing.
  • Good practices when it comes to preparing for the application of a thin-film broadcast system.
  • Keys to applying the basecoat, flake and topcoat on a Garage Granite floor.
  • What a successful end-of-project looks like for Garage Granite installations.

Who Should Enrol?

This course is ideal for all installers on every level who are looking for a proven, reliable garage flooring system that enables them to do a better job, more efficiently, and more profitably.


Course Reviews

“Great course. Full of information and has given me great confidence to take on decorative garage floor finishes​.”

Luke Alexander Trades
“This course has definitely increased my understanding on best practices, understanding concrete, how to be prepared, techniques and so much more. Highly recommend to anyone especially when starting out. Video demonstrations certainly made it easier to understand.”
Clare Southern Epoxy Flooring

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