Commercial Thin-film Rollcoat Systems

With the right specification defining the project destination, so to speak, the right floor basically boils down to whatever flooring system is best equipped to take you there. This section provides all the information you need to make sure the commercial thin-film rollcoat system you've chosen matches the specification and is the right flooring system for your project.

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System Description

RWE Commercial Rollcoat is a durable, seamless resin flooring system ideal for commercial applications such as factories, warehouses, garages and other high traffic areas. 

Available in all Australian Standard colours, the two-coat system forms a fully sealed, chemical and stain-resistant flooring surface that comes with the support of a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on installation.

RWE Commercial Rollcoat also contains no solvents, flammables or strong odours, so it can be applied without disruption or harm to nearby workers.
RWE Commercial Rollcoat system diagram.

System Information

You can find more information on the RWE Commercial Rollcoat by clicking on the individual system guides below: 

1. Wear Index
2. Technical Data Sheet
3. Instruction Sheet

If you’d rather the convenience of having them all in the one document, you can download the full RWE Commercial Rollcoat – System Information guide by clicking on the icon below.

RWE Commercial Rollcoat System Information document icon.

Available colours - view the RWE Epoxy Solid Colour Chart:

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System Warranty

You can view and download the RWE Commercial Rollcoat Maintenance and Warranty document by clicking on the icon below.

RWE Commercial Rollcoat Maintenance and Warranty document icon.

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If the system above lines up with your specification, you have ticked off two of the Five Rs you need to get a professional resin floor.

Help with the remainder of the Five Rs will be offered once you’ve contacted Real World Epoxies to discuss your project and are ready to move on to the quoting stage.

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