Thin-Film Rollcoat Systems

Definition: Thin-film rollcoats are light to medium-duty flooring options that are applied by roller and able withstand testing traffic conditions. Total film thickness is typically between 200-800 microns (0.2-0.8mm) and finishes can be clear, coloured or even reinforced with fibres.

Real World Epoxies offers two different types of thin-film rollcoat systems – Commercial and Premium.

While both types provide a durable flooring surface that protects your floor from the demands of heavy foot, trolley and vehicular traffic, there are a few advantages offered by the premium option/s:

  1. Higher chemical resistance
  2. Higher impact resistance
  3. Higher moisture tolerance

Use the Floortick Project Portfolio and get a professional resin floor!

After 15 years and 1000s of projects, we can say there is a right way and wrong way to do resin floors.

If you want a professional resin floor, you’ve got to follow the Five Rs.

The key to professional resin floors - the Five Rs.
The good news is we have a free guide that helps you do just that!

The Floortick Project Portfolio is a step-by-step project summary that anyone can use for greater peace of mind and a professional result on their next resin flooring project.

Project Portfolio Step 1 - Specify.

Click the Specification button above and download The Right Specification template to fill out.

The template will help you clearly describe the floor you require and give you a much better idea of what system to choose.

Project Portfolio Step 2 - Choose Your System.

Click on your choice of rollcoat above – Commercial or Premium.

On these pages you’ll be able to find all the information you need to make sure the system matches your specification. If they aren’t a match, choose another system from the Systems menu on the toolbar.

Project Portfolio Step 3 - Contact Real World Epoxies.

The steps above tick off two of the Five Rs you need to get a professional resin floor.

Help with the remainder of the Five Rs will be offered once you’ve contacted Real World Epoxies to discuss your project and are ready to move on to the quoting stage.