How It Works

Resin Rustic Installation

A diagram showing Day 1 of the Resin Rustic installation process.
A diagram showing Day 2 of the Resin Rustic installation process.
A diagram showing Day 3 of the Resin Rustic installation process.

Installation of your Resin Rustic™ floor typically takes three days: two for the flooring system to be installed, and a 3rd day where light traffic only is allowed.

After the 3rd day you can start to bring any furniture or appliances back onto the floor. Full hardening and strength can take 5-7 days and it is recommended to keep the heaviest items off the floor until this period has passed.

*Note - The installation process shown above is typical for the standard Resin Rustic™ system on concrete floors less than 50m2. Removal of existing floors, surface damage/contamination, application of a primer coat, and/or larger areas will generally require more time.

Getting ready for your new floor

1. Plan to be floorless - a standard Resin Rustic™ floor will take a few days and you’ll need to stay off the floor the entire time. Keep protective measures in place for the duration and don’t try to get back on it earlier than instructed.

2. Clear the floor - remove all items from the floor before the starting date so the flooring technician can get straight to work. If there are heavy items that can’t be moved, let them know beforehand.

3. Ensure easy access - make sure the flooring technician can get in and out of the work area and has access to power. If there are any restrictions in this regard, once again it’s a good idea to let them know beforehand.

4. Seal off - footprints, bugs and dust don’t go well with freshly laid floors. Close all windows, turn off lights and block doorways. If the floor is one part of a larger project, it’s best to leave it to last to reduce the risk of other trades damaging it.

5. Make yourself available - checking in with your flooring technician every now and again will make sure everyone stays on the same page and the project progresses as smoothly as possible.

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