Resin Granite

Resin Granite™ is a one-of-a-kind decorative floor finish specially designed for anybody wanting to give dull, dirty or damaged floors in their home or business a new lease of life.

Available in 8 popular colour combinations, the completely seamless resin flooring system is stain-resistant, incredibly tough, and will keep your floor looking great for years.

Most importantly, Resin Granite™ has no strong smell and contains no solvents or flammables, so it can be installed safely without risk or disruption to your family or business.

Resin Granite system diagram.

Why you’ll love Resin Granite:


Resin Granite™ is completely solvent free. No strong smell, disruption or risk to your family or business!


Resin Granite™ uses exclusive industrial-grade resin technology, so you won’t find it at your local hardware store (or anywhere else).


Too many colour options can be overwhelming. We’ve narrowed it down to 8 we know look good and match well with modern decor.


The stain-resistant surface handles spills from all common household and commercial chemicals and is easily maintained with normal cleaning equipment.


Take your pick of gloss or semi-gloss finishes. If you’re worried about slips and falls in the wet, you can even get added slip resistance.

 Resin Granite is perfect for garages!

Got an old, tired garage that you're sick of hiding from family, friends and neighbours?

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