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As the saying goes, “It’s lonely at the top” and high-level managers in all industries often struggle for support. Some waste their time looking for it in online forums and similar places full of smoke and mirrors, while others battle away on their own.

Epoxy Leaders aims to change all that. It was formed to give those at the front end of the epoxy industry – formulators, manufacturers, re-sellers and distributors – greater clarity, direction and confidence in their business.  

It does this by giving members:

  1. One-on-one guidance – with over 15 years at the head of companies servicing both the supply and apply sides of epoxy resin flooring, I know what it takes to run a successful business. Members of Epoxy Leaders can tap into my knowledge and experience with direct guidance on their personal business matters. Read more about me on my LinkedIn profile.
  2. Community support – Epoxy Leaders provides a private forum for its members to safely exchange ideas, networks and business know how with their peers and other industry leaders.

Most importantly, at Epoxy Leaders egos are left at the door and there’s no such thing as a dumb question! It’s an environment where members are allowed to feel comfortable asking questions, seeking guidance or just sharing their epoxy experience with like-minded people that want to help build a better coatings industry.

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Please note there is a basic service fee of $49 per month. This is mainly to cover the cost of maintaining the group, however it’s also a screening measure to make sure everyone who joins is serious and doing so for the right reasons.

I look forward to seeing you inside!

Take care and keep smiling,

Jack Josephsen
Managing Director
Real World Epoxies



As a bonus for joining Epoxy Leaders, new members will receive a  FREE 22-page White Paper I wrote on"How to Avoid Small Coating Company Failure".

It contains the following 10 priceless tips for small coating businesses and a ton of exclusive know how I don’t share anywhere else:

Epoxy Leaders white paper.

1. Align with your “real world purpose”

2. Close the loop

3. Choose product supply, retail or delivery

4. Choose your market

5. Choose your clients

6. Do more with less

7. Simplicity v complexity

8. Partner with specialists

9. Know when to quit

10. What your company now looks like

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