Remote Island Potable Water Tank


A professional diver applying Scubapoxy 1725 to repair major leaks in the potable water tank.

A remote island community in the Arafura Sea were running out of drinking water on a regular basis due to severe leaking in their main storage tank. The original sealing compound had failed and the tank was now leaking from just about every seam.

Obviously draining the tank for dry repairs wasn’t an option, so divers from Fremantle Diving Centre flew over and successfully stopped the leaks by applying over 180 litres of 1725 to every seam in the tank. The result was tremendous for the local people whose precious water resources were now secured.

The commitment to achieving a solution with this particular job was outstanding. Fremantle Diving Centre chartered two small aircraft to fly over to the island - one with their specialised diving equipment and the other with Scubapoxy product!

Download a full printable version of the Remote Island Potable Water Tank Case History

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