Queensland Magnesia Rotary Cooling Bath


A picture of the expansion joint sealed with the Scubapoxy 1525 and 5335 combination.

The Epoxy Coating Specialists carried out this application using 5335 to bridge expansion joints in Queensland Magnesia’s (QMAG) Rotary Cooling Bath.

Surface preparation consisted of removing significant debris and sludge from the joint areas on the base of the bath structure through high-pressure hot water rotary cleaning.

Kevlar®-reinforced Jaxxon 1525 was used as a chemically resistant, heavy-duty basecoat/primer to ensure optimum sealing of the joint area and form an ideal platform on which to apply 5335.

The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists reported the joint repairs had performed to expectations.

Download a full printable version of the Queensland Magnesia Rotary Cooling Bath Case History

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