Hydroelectricity Channel


The Fisher Flume back in service after the expansion joints were sealed.

Hydro Tasmania was searching for a product to seal the 2,700 lineal metres of expansion joints in the Fisher Flume (a main water channel in their hydroelectricity scheme). The main concern with such a vital artery was minimising shutdown, which meant they were after a sealant that could handle the unpredictable conditions during installation and remain flexible when the temperature approached freezing in the winter months.

With all that in mind, a system based around 5335 was put together. The process started with a water blast to clean the concrete surface that had been eroded away by the water current over time and left with a rough profile. A 1715/sand mortar was applied either side of the joints to re-level and prime the surface before a waterproof polymer sheeting impregnated with 5335 on the fibrous backing was rolled into place to complete the seal.

This composite system has been used in a number of applications requiring a tough, wear-resistant, waterproof seal with the flexibility to handle movement in concrete structures.

The field-friendly, all-weather qualities of the products enabled the work to be completed on schedule, saving the company the large costs associated with waiting for “just right” conditions needed by other systems.

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