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Liquid Marble Selection Guide

With Liquid Marble, you can discover your floor in 3 easy steps!

Step 1 - Choose your floor finish

Liquid Marble can be used to create three different floor finishes. Choose which one suits you:

Sample of Liquid Marble Warehouse Look.

Warehouse Look:

Polished concrete look with subtle metallic shimmer.

Sample of Liquid Marble Metallic Wash in Oatmeal colour.

Metallic Wash:

Translucent finish with striking depth.
(sample shown in "Oatmeal" colour)

Sample of Liquid Marble in Oatmeal colour.

Liquid Marble:

Very popular soft and subtle metallic design.
(sample shown in "Oatmeal" colour)

Step 2 - Choose your colour

Liquid Marble comes in 12 stylish colours. Choose your favourite:

Liquid Marble colour chart.

*Colours shown on chart are indicative only. Actual colours may differ slightly.

Step 3 - Choose number of kits

Grab enough kits to complete the job!

Warehouse Look

1st Coat Coverage = 40m2
2nd Coat Coverage = 40m2

Metallic Wash

1st Coat Coverage = 20m2
2nd Coat Coverage = 40m2

Liquid Marble

1st Coat Coverage = 20m2
2nd Coat Coverage = 10m2

See Instruction Sheets on the Liquid Marble Information page for more detail on how to use Liquid Marble.

Product Disclosure Statements (PDS)

Liquid Marble product disclosure statement. Liquid Marble Resin Flooring Kit

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