Don’t cover your floor with tiles, carpet or vinyl…

Discover it with Liquid Marble!

Liquid Marble decorative resin flooring

An easy-to-use decorative flooring system that draws out the natural beauty of concrete in just two coats. It’s so simple even DIY types can apply their own stunning resin floors using ready-to-mix kits and the one spreading tool. Liquid Marble is ideal for interior use on all residential, retail and commercial floors, and cures hard to produce a semi-gloss finish in 12 stylish colours and three different finishes: Warehouse Look, Metallic Wash or the full Liquid Marble.

Liquid Marble is ideal for:

  • Decorative flooring alternative to tiles, carpet, timber and vinyl - residential, retail and commercial

Liquid Marble product range:

  • Decorative resin flooring kit

Why choose Liquid Marble to discover your floor?

  • Natural beauty - unique character and semi-gloss finish mirrors the natural look of marble.
  • Easy-to-use - ready-to-use kits can be applied by DIYers using the one spreading tool and four simple steps: prepare concrete, apply 1st Coat, apply 2nd Coat, wait 24 hours. Done!
  • Choice - comes in 12 different colours and three different looks, and, if you change your mind another colour can be applied right over the top!
  • Tough - chemical-proof, stain-proof and can handle the heaviest domestic and commercial traffic.
  • Reliable - excellent tolerance of conditions means a great result can be achieved whether it’s hot, cold, wet or dry. Even wet areas such as bathrooms aren’t a problem!
  • Safe - contains no solvents, won’t slowly release harmful VOCs and doesn’t collect dust or allergens.

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