Selection Guide

Jaxxon product selection chart.


Jaxxon brochure.Jaxxon 4-page Brochure

Product Usage Summaries

Jaxxon product usage summaries.1335 - Low-viscosity Sealer/Binder (Clear)
Jaxxon product usage summaries.1505 - High-gloss Floor Coating (Tintable)
Jaxxon product usage summaries.1515 - High-gloss Protective Coating (Tintable)*
Jaxxon product usage summaries.1525 - Kevlar®-reinforced Floor Coating (Tintable)
Jaxxon product usage summaries.1535 - Kevlar®-reinforced Protective Coating (Tintable)*
Jaxxon product usage summaries.1545 - High Chemical Resistance Coating (Grey)

* Jaxxon 1515 and 1535 are indent items only.

For more information on the flooring systems that can be applied using Jaxxon coatings, read the  Jaxxon Flooring Summary.

Industry Leaflets

Jaxxon industry leaflets. Jaxxon for...Chemical Containment
Jaxxon industry leaflets.Jaxxon for...Commercial Kitchens
Jaxxon industry leaflets.Jaxxon for...Food Processing
Jaxxon industry leaflets.Jaxxon for...Mining
Jaxxon industry leaflets.Jaxxon for...Prisons
Jaxxon industry leaflets. Jaxxon for...Warehousing