Jaxxon Pigment Pot

Pigment Pot

Jaxxon Pigment Pot.

Product Description

Pre-measured pigment for use as a stir-in colour additive in solventless two-pack epoxies.


  • Stir-in additive for colour in tintable two-pack epoxies.

Technical Information

Liquid (in all common colours).
Cleaner: MEK, acetone, methylated spirits.
Mix Ratio:  
As supplied.
Pack Size: 
320mL (for use in 6.5L kit total).

Technical Advantages

  • Pre-measured volume for simple use.
  • Liquid form for easy dispersion into epoxy base.
  • Pigment dispersed in epoxy resin without the use of solvents or diluents that can interfere with coating
  • 100% solids for long shelf-life.

Download full printable version of the Jaxxon Pigment Pot TDS

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