Jaxxon Filler

Stir-in Epoxy Filler

Jaxxon Filler.

Product Description

Stir-in powder for clear epoxies to extend pigment and help reduce colour separation. 


  • Added to clear epoxies such as Jaxxon 1335 to improve pigment performance.
  • Added to coatings and epoxy mortars to increase viscosity/reduce flow. 

Technical Information

Fine, white powder.
Mix Ratio:  
As required.
Pack Size: 

Technical Advantages

  • Contains no crystalline silica or other respirable hazards.
  • Addition of Filler improves opacity and decreases colour separation tendencies of pigment in a clear resin.
  • Can be used to create/modify a large range of product types, from tintable rollcoats to self-levelling
    compounds and epoxy mortars.

Download full printable version of the Jaxxon Filler TDS

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