Jaxxon 1335

Low-viscosity Sealer/Binder (Clear)

Jaxxon 1335 Low-viscosity Sealer and Binder.

Product Description

A solventless, multi-purpose clear epoxy for use as a sealer, binder or clear coating.

High-quality epoxy resins and curing agents are used to create a durable, moisture-tolerant coating suited to commercial and industrial environments.


  • Concrete sealer on porous surfaces.
  • Primer for mortars, flexible sealants etc.
  • Binder in sand-filled grouts, mortars and levellers.
  • Clear floor coating for concrete.

Technical Information

2-pack epoxy/polyamine.
MEK, acetone, methylated spirits.
Mix Ratio:
5:3 v:v
Pack Size:
12 litres.
Solids:   100%        

Technical Advantages

  • Clear, yet very durable.
  • Can be applied onto dry, damp or even wet surfaces - completely moisture tolerant with no amine blushing.
  • Good overall chemical resistance, including 70% sulphuric acid.
  • Solventless formulation with no strong odours can be applied without need for ventilation equipment or disruption to nearby people.
  • Non-hazmat - solventless, non-corrosive, non- flammable product for safer use and simplified, cheaper transport.
  • Field-friendly - mix ratio tolerance and long storage life, combined with surface/moisture tolerance gives a truly field-friendly product.
  • Good tolerance of low temperatures.
  • 100% solids - long shelf life (don’t have to use all at once) and no shrinkage in the coating film.

Download full printable version of the Jaxxon 1335 TDS

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