Rio Tinto Blair Athol


Rio Tinto workshop floor coated with Jaxxon coatings.

The Epoxy Coating Specialists were contracted to upgrade a 3,000m2 Rio Tinto workshop in Blair Athol
that was heavily contaminated and badly damaged.

In fact, the old floor was so badly damaged that fitters were unable to wheel tool trolleys across the surface.

Surface preparation consisted of diamond grinding and high-pressure hot water rotary cleaning with a
heavy-duty degreasing solution.

Damaged areas were filled using an epoxy mortar consisting of 1525, aluminium oxide and quartz filler.

The Kevlar®-reinforced 1525 was then applied and broadcast with aluminium oxide for an anti-slip texture, followed by a topcoat of 1525 to encapsulate the particles and fully seal the floor.

Richard Mactaggart of The Epoxy Coating Specialists reported that the coating had performed to expectations.

Download a full printable version of the Rio Tinto Blair Athol Workshop Case History

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