QR Railway Workshop


Railway workshop coated with Jaxxon anti-slip flooring.

QR workshop floors and servicing pits are subject to forklift, foot and trolley traffic and constantly exposed
to mechanical fluids that present a “slip and fall” risk.

The original floor coating had been worn smooth over time and they wanted a durable, anti-slip coating for
the 4800m2 area, to be completed whilst maintenance continued in the bays.

Jaxxon products had already been tested in QR’s high-wear areas and proven themselves. After some
preliminary adhesion tests and “clean and capture” surface preparation (degrease and water-blast), a
flooring system using Kevlar®-reinforced 1535 as the basecoat with a scattering of aluminium oxide and a 1515 topcoat was applied.

Being a safety-conscious workplace, the solvent-free benefits of the products were greatly appreciated and the floor has performed exactly as expected. Numerous other large workshops have been coated in a similar manner since.

Download a full printable version of the QR Railway Workshop Case History

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