QR Railway Station Stairs


Jaxxon coatings used for anti-slip flooring on railway station platform and platform stairs.

In response to concerns regarding potential “slip and fall” accidents on the platform steps at their Brunswick St station, QR was looking for an anti-slip coating to help minimise the risk. Based on the success of Jaxxon coatings in over 4000m2 of their Mayne workshop, QR decided to utilise the same system for this particular application.

The condition of the existing surface was very similar to those experienced in the workshop application – a dirty and worn, yet basically sound coating was in place. The surface was prepared by degreasing and water-blasting, which left the substrate clean and ready for coating. The anti-slip flooring once again consisted of the Kevlar®-reinforced 1535 basecoat, seeded with a light scattering of aluminium oxide, followed by a topcoat of 1515. To complete the application, yellow line marking was sprayed in strips onto the front edge to clearly define the step surface.

This application was an example of the trials being done with Jaxxon products on the back of the Mayne workshop. The solvent-free formulation of the products held particular appeal to the safety-conscious QR administration and they were keen to explore other areas of use.

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