Heavy Vehicle Bunded Driveway


Acid bund and bunded driveway protected by Jaxxon coatings.

A water supply authority, GM Water, required a coating for two areas handling and storing 22% fluorosilicic
acid (FSA). The first area was a bund surround a bulk storage tank and the second was a bunded driveway
used by transport trucks weighing up to 43 tonnes.

Not only did the coating need to be resistant to aggressive chemicals and able to withstand the heavy traffic, it also had to endure wild temperature fluctuations and a tight shutdown that meant the concrete only had 7 days to cure before work began!

After some rigorous in-house testing - conducted by the contracted engineering company, Dioxide Pacific - 1545 was chosen for the challenge. The fresh concrete was water-blasted and 2 x 300-micron coats were applied and given 7 days to cure before the facility was put into full service.

A follow-up inspection after 18 months showed no signs of damage to either area, which impressed everyone involved and is testament to the heavy-duty capabilities of the product.

Download a full printable version of the Heavy Vehicle Bunded Driveway Case History

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