Boral Roof Tile Factory


Boral roof tile factory floor with anti-slip epoxy floor and line marking.

The combination of Kevlar®-reinforced 1525 and aluminium oxide was used in the Boral Roof Tile Factory in Brisbane to create an anti-slip floor with exceptional wear and impact resistance.

To prepare and clean the heavily contaminated surface, a high-pressure hot water rotary clean was administered, followed by a diamond grind. A 250-micron basecoat was applied first and the aluminium oxide then broadcast to saturation to achieve maximum durability and a consistent anti-slip texture. A second 1525 coat was rolled out on top to encapsulate the particles and fully seal the floor.

The Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists carried out the application, which also included line marking to make the floor more functional. The light grey colour of the floor not only tidied the appearance of the factory, it also brightened the area considerably.

Download a full printable version of the Boral Roof Tile Factory Case History

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