Are you sick of industrial coating failures?

Use Jaxxon for greater Coating confidence

Jaxxon industrial protective coatings and floor coatings

A range of epoxy coatings that offer lasting protection against impact, wear and chemical attack in commercial and industrial areas. With a proven track record of getting results where others can’t, Jaxxon is the clear choice for those seeking greater coating confidence.

If you’ve had coating problems in the past and don’t want the same headaches again, it’s time for Jaxxon!

Jaxxon industrial epoxies are ideal for:

  • Wet area coatings
  • Wastewater coatings
  • Chemical containment coatings
  • Industrial flooring - factory floors, workshop floors, warehouse floors
  • Food processing floors
  • Prison flooring

Jaxxon product range:

  • Protective coatings
  • Industrial floor coatings
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Primers and sealers
  • Concrete repair and levelling

Why Jaxxon gives you greater coating confidence:

  • Proven - a long history of outstanding performance in a wide range of industrial and commercial uses.
  • Reliable - excellent tolerance of conditions means work can be done whether it’s hot, cold, wet or dry.
  • Safe - no solvents, corrosives, carcinogens, flammables or strong odours allows projects to be completed without disruption or harm to nearby people.
  • Easy handling - no solvents, corrosives or flammables simplifies usage and transport.
  • Chemical resistance - capable of withstanding the most aggressive industrial chemicals.
  • Strength - Kevlar technology used for greater impact resistance and film strength.
  • All common surfaces - coatings and flooring systems bond strongly to concrete, steel and all other common construction materials without the need for a primer.

Jaxxon past clients:

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