UCB Commercial Floor


United Christian Broadcasting (UCB) were expanding into a new premises and needed a tidy, sturdy floor that could handle the demanding traffic levels. A full-gloss, light grey finish was used to really brighten the work space.

The warehouse and office before Floorchef installed the resin floor.Warehouse and office with Floorchef resin floor installed.Warehouse and office with Floorchef resin floor installed.Warehouse and office with Floorchef resin floor installed.

Client - United Christian Broadcasters Australia
Location - Underwood, QLD
Floor Type - Office and Warehouse/Distribution (Light Industrial)

Design Scope -

  1. One flooring solution was sought for several different areas within the same building, from offices through to warehouse/distribution. Chosen floor had to suit a range of requirements, including balancing aesthetics with durability and performance.
  2. Warehouse was cramped with enclosed, dark regions. A neutral grey (N23), glossy finish was selected to help brighten the space (preferred over white due to cleaning demands).
  3. Damaged concrete had to patched and repaired, which ruled out polished concrete. The desired brightening effect also leant itself more toward the use of solid-colour flooring.
Notes -
  • A previously unsealed, worn ply timber area was given a “sand and seal” rejuvenation instead of being coated to create a flooring feature full of character.

Customer Feedback -

"We would like to make special mention of Floorchef...we were absolutely amazed at how it turned out and would highly recommend them to anyone."
- James Tillman, UCB Direct

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