Toowong Living Room Floor


The carpet in the rumpus room of David’s home had suffered water damage and signs of mould were appearing. With the moisture issues and all sorts of mess created by the kids, he needed a floor that worked in this environment; something hardy, yet fun and exciting to match the playtime theme. With a vision in mind, David took creative control and conjured up this wild design that blew the young ones away.

The living room area with carpet before Floorchef installed the resin floor.Living room area with Floorchef resin floor installed.Living room area with Floorchef resin floor installed.Living room area with Floorchef resin floor installed.

Client -
David Marriner
Location - Toowong, QLD
Floor Type - Rumpus/Living Room (Residential)

Design Scope -

  1. Water damage and mould forced the client to remove the carpet and seek a moisture-resistant solution. Being the kids’ play area, a spill-resistant, easy-to-clean surface was also a priority.  
  2. The design goal was to deliver a fun, exciting setting for the children to spend their time. The client took creative control, using wild bursts of colour (including brilliant colour change pigments) to give the floor real character and energy.
  3. Installation carried out while family at home, so product needed to be free of pungent odours and harmful solvents.

Customer Feedback -

"Excellent service and are devoted to the end result, a perfect floor and completely happy customer."
- David Marriner, Homeowner

Customer Score - 10/10

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