Toowong Bedroom Floor


The guest bedrooms in David’s home were on the same lower level as the rumpus room and had suffered water damage as well. With moths now settling in, the carpet had to go. In contrast to next door, a softer, more elegant look that brightened the space was at the top of the wishlist. David and his wife Bec just couldn’t go past this “pearl” design. 

The bedroom floors with carpet before Floorchef installed the resin floor.Bedrooms with Floorchef resin floor installed.Bedrooms with Floorchef resin floor installed.Bedrooms with Floorchef resin floor installed.

Client -
David Marriner
Location - Toowong, QLD
Floor Type - Guest Bedrooms (Residential)

Design Scope -

  1. Water damage and the appearance of carpet moths had forced the client to remove the carpet and seek a moisture-resistant solution.
  2. The design was chosen to add elegance and brighten the area, which didn’t receive a lot of natural light on the lower level of the multi-story home. Rather than a plain, white floor, the client preferred the “pearl” design with soft and subtle metallic pigments for a touch of flair.
  3. Installation carried out while family at home, so product needed to be free of pungent odours and harmful solvents.

Customer Feedback -

"Excellent service and are devoted to the end result, a perfect floor and completely happy customer."
- David Marriner, Homeowner

Customer Score - 10/10

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