Highgate Hill Residential Floor


A past flooding mishap ruined Evan’s timber flooring and it simply had to be replaced. Keen to avoid a repeat disaster, he was convinced a seamless, waterproof epoxy floor was the only way to go. The fact a golden design could be created to fit in beautifully with his oriental theme and amazing collection of artefacts was just the icing on the cake.

The flood-damaged laminate floor before Floorchef installed the resin floor.Apartment entry with Floorchef resin floor installed.
Apartment entry with Floorchef resin floor installed.Apartment entry with Floorchef resin floor installed.

Client -
Evan Fortune
Location - Highgate Hill, QLD
Floor Type - Apartment Entry (Residential)

Design Scope -

  1. Two-tone gold design personally chosen to match oriental theme and collection of artefacts.
  2. Flooding in the past had left laminate flooring and subfloor timber soft, swollen and mouldy. A seamless, waterproof epoxy floor pursued by client to avoid a repeat of the same scenario.
  3. A specialist leveller was used under the epoxy to restore height after existing floor was removed.
  4. Installation carried out while residents at home, so product needed to be free of pungent odours and harmful solvents.

Customer Feedback -

"I’m happy to refer Floorchef due to their great service, excellent job and a partly philanthropic attitude to business! Great work! Keep it up."
- Evan Fortune, Homeowner

Customer Score - 10/10

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