Ephraigm Island Garage


Residing in a luxurious Ephraim Island villa on the Gold Coast, Riccardo somewhat surprised when he initially asked about a flake finish for the 80m2 garage. We told him he could get a lot better than that! 

The garage before Floorchef installed the resin floor.Garage with Floorchef resin floor installed.
Garage with Floorchef resin floor installed.Garage with Floorchef resin floor installed.

Client -
Ricardo Rizzi
Location - Ephraim Island, QLD
Floor Type - Double Garage (Residential)

Design Scope -

  1. The client initially enquired about a flake floor, however after showing them the capabilities of modern resin-based flooring a more eye-catching design - ideal for the luxurious surroundings - was chosen.  
  2. A completely seamless, high-gloss finish was desired, so the control joints in the slab were filled during the crack repair phase to make this possible.
  3. A polyurethane topcoat was applied over the top to protect the garage entry from UV and maintain a consistent level of gloss across the entire area.

Customer Feedback -

"I’m happy to refer Floorchef to anyone. Just tell them to give me a call!"
- Riccardo Rizzi, Homeowner

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