Protective Floor Coatings


What are protective floor coatings?

A forklift driving over a wear-resistant protective floor coating.

Protective floor coatings, as the name suggests, are coatings capable of protecting concrete against the elements. Why is that a good idea? While concrete is hard and strong, it has a couple of weaknesses that can be addressed through the application of a protective floor -

  1. Vulnerable to liquids - the porous nature of concrete means liquids, including water, can penetrate into the slab and cause all sorts of headaches. Uncovered concrete also has poor resistance to chemicals in general and can be chewed away at the surface by spills.

  2. Physical damage - concrete floors don’t handle wear or heavy impact so well either, so high traffic areas will benefit from the more durable finish a protective floor coating can provide.

What are our top protective floor coating tips?

The performance of a protective floor coating can usually be linked to three key coating properties - chemical resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance.

  1. Chemical-resistant flooring - not all protective floors are created equal and chemical resistance is one area where quality products come to the fore. Poor resistance to chemicals can show up in a number of ways. At the lighter end of the scale a floor may suffer cosmetic issues such as permanent staining or loss of gloss, while at the more severe end it can be turned to mush and will need to be removed. If there’s a chance your concrete will be exposed to aggressive chemicals then a concrete coating with proven chemical resistance is a must!   

  1. Wear-resistant flooring - with the relentless traffic most floors are subject to, from footwear right through to heavy vehicles in some cases, wear resistance is a key property for protective floors. The majority of cheaper floor paints will gradually wear thin under regular foot traffic, so if you want something to last longer, a hard, two-pack epoxy floor coating is the way to go.

    Read more about floor paints and floor coatings here.   

  2. Impact-resistant flooring - impact resistance is a measure of how well a floor coating withstands direct impact from another object. It’s probably not the most sought-after property on every floor, however it can come in very handy for workshops and other areas where dropping heavy objects happens every day. Once again, in these environments hard, two-pack epoxy floor coatings are a popular choice.

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