Flooring Costs


How much does a resin floor cost?

The cost of flooring is understandably a big focus for many people loA happy customer standing on top of their new resin floor.oking to get a new floor and resin floors are no different. How much should you expect to pay? Does a floor cost $20 per square metre? $50, $120 or even more? The answer is you can probably get a floor from anywhere between $10 per square metre and $150 per square metre, however just as the floor price can vary dramatically, so too can the quality of the finish.  

What are our top flooring cost tips?

  1. Expectations must match floor price - if you wanted a really cheap floor you could buy a tin of floor paint at your local hardware store for $10/L and apply it yourself. But, how would it look? How long would it last? Would you be better off with a more expensive, yet much more durable floor installed by a professional? 

    The answer is: it doesn’t really matter as long as you know what you’re in for. The cheaper floor paint won’t last as long and it won’t look as good if done by yourself, but that might be ok. Your budget might be small or you might be selling soon and just want to freshen things up without spending too much. Problems only occur when expectations don’t line up with what you pay for. For example, you put cheap floor paint in the garage and expect it to look like new five years later. If that’s the goal, you have to forget about floor price alone and seek a higher quality product installed by a professional. 
  2. The forgotten value of quality - if you decide against the cheaper flooring described above and want a good-looking finish that lasts, it automatically puts you into a certain price bracket (above $50 per square metre including installation). Many will instinctively explore the lower rungs of this bracket in an effort to save a few dollars, but is it really worth it? Yes, you might end up paying a bit less, but what value do you miss out on? What risks are you now taking going for the lower price? Ask yourself: is it worth paying more for better service and a quality floor I absolutely love, the first time? No drama, no stress, no disputes…just a great floor that looks and feels the way you wanted.

    Also, keep in mind a more expensive floor that lasts 10 years and looks great the whole time actually costs less per year than a cheap floor that looks average and has to be replaced after 3 years.
  3. A couple of other notes on floor cost - when it comes to getting a floor quote, pay particular attention to the inclusions and exclusions. A low price may be very appealing, but what are you getting (or not getting) in return? What corners are being cut?

    A major part of any floor installation is preparation because it plays such a crucial role in the quality of the end result. Compare quotes and see what lengths they’ll be going to here. Keep in mind very few installations can proceed with no surface preparation!

    Finally, a hidden floor cost that rarely gets considered when selecting a floor is the cost of removal. Of course you need to pay to have it installed, but will you also need to pay more to have it removed if you want a new floor? Just as an example, it costs about $35 per square metre to remove tiles.   

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